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Colorful Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Session…


We are so in love with the colorful images taken during this engagement shoot. The couple, Melissa and Derek, wanted it to feel like they were on a date. “We’d have to say our favorite part of the shoot would actually be when we ordered pie. That mini-break where we got to hang out was really pleasant and comforting. Also, that pie ended up being amazingly good!”

How did you meet?

Melissa: We met at work! I had been working at a company for 2 years when Derek was hired. I had a crush on him IMMEDIATELY and refused to talk to him because I was petrified of blushing. About a year later, Derek asked me out for dinner and I said yes even though I was super nervous. He picked me up for our first date and we had a blast! He made me feel so comfortable and we hung out until the wee hours of the morning and have been together ever since.

How long have you been together?

Melissa: We have been together for almost 4 years. He proposed just after our 3 year anniversary.


How did you know that your partner was the one?

Derek: I love how good of a person she is and how smart she is. It means a lot to me that no matter what, we have a good time. I also love how my family loved her immediately, especially my mother. We share the same direction in which we want to lead our lives and have the same values.

Melissa: I’m not sure the exact moment I realized Derek was the one, but he definitely isn’t the type of person I had imagined I would settle down with. I’d never dated someone like him: into cars, super sporty, trash -talking. I had always thought guys like that were meat-heads, but Derek…. Derek amazes me every day. He’s smarter than I am, even though he doesn’t think it. He’s generous and thoughtful and sweet. He’s the most charismatic person I’ve ever met and everyone who meets him loves him immediately. That’s not an exaggeration! Strangers on the street say “hello!” to him all the time. I know Derek is the one because we want to raise our hypothetical children the same way and push each other to be better every single day. We are compassionate with each other, but tough when we need to be. He’s not what I imagined I’d want in a partner, but he’s everything I need.


What do you guys like to do for fun?

Derek: We watch movies, watch Sunday football at our local bar, play golf and tennis, play the Jurassic Park arcade game, and going to trivia.

Melissa: Honestly, we have fun doing almost anything together. I feel so lucky that I have such a goofy best friend as a life partner because we crack each other up so much and make the most mundane activities fun.

What are you most looking forward to about being married? 

Derek: Honeymoon and not having to plan the wedding anymore. Plus, being able to continue to build our lives together and eventually have kids.

Melissa: It might sound super old fashioned, but I’m really excited to take Derek’s last name. I know its a little superficial, but something about having his name makes me feel like we’ll be a “real” family together and it sets the foundation for us to have kids and raise them and all that corny nonsense.

Tell me about a favorite date you went on together.

Derek: I think my favorite date was when we went to watch Melissa’s favorite NFL team (Tennessee Titans) play the Chargers in San Diego. I got to surprise her with that trip and we had a nice evening in San Diego and explored the city.

Melissa: I agree! I loved that trip together. I’m a die-hard Titans fan and Derek got us amazing seats for the same. I happy-cried all day long. Also, we had the best tacos and micheladas down there.

Tell me about your proposal.

Derek: I did quite a bit of research to find the perfect ring for Melissa. I knew she liked pear-shaped diamonds so I went through and picked one I thought she would love. I decided to propose on the Golden Gate Bridge while we were exploring San Francisco the day before Melissa graduated from her university. It was perfect….my mom was there, her mom was there, and it was a beautiful day. We had a celebratory dinner with some of her family who was also up there to see her graduate. It was really fun! The next day, after Melissa graduated, we drove up to Napa and wine tasted with our parents. it was the perfect weekend.


Photographer:  Jenna Rose Photography

Other Location: Pie Hole

Other Location: The Bradbury Building

Other Location: Grand Central Market

Other Location: Downtown Los Angeles Arts District

Hair Stylist: The Dry Bar

Beauty: Sephora

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