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Fun Food Ideas for your Wedding…


It’s what we base our lives around, right? The second you finish a meal, you’re thinking about what you’re going to eat for you next meal, right?

Food is everywhere, especially in weddings. You can’t just get married anymore without feeding your guests, and hopefully you’re happy to do so!

On a traditional viewpoint, you can go meet with local vendors and taste test their options, design your menu, and call it a day.

Looking for something a little different than the usual catering options?

One word: Bars. Hotdog bars, popcorn bars, milk and cookies bar. Who says you have to have meat and potatoes at your reception? Branch out and go for something different for your guests that may also go along with your theme or have a special meaning for you as a couple!

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On a hot summer day, what better way to end the reception with an ice cream bar cocktail hour?  Or on a cold winter day, a hot chocolate or coffee bar? There’s nothing better than a hot cup in your hand on a cold day.

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It’s so common nowadays for people to replace their wedding cake with cupcakes and donuts and not even flinch! The same goes for your other foods, too! If you’re too scared to change your entire menu, consider having non-traditional food bars as appetizers for your guests during the cocktail hour, or have it set up throughout the night when the dinner is over. People are always hungry, and when you have over a hundred people dancing and working up an appetite, having a separate table set up with snacks or a themed food bar will definitely please your guests more than you realize. Put yourself in their shoes, would you resist a s’mores bar?

You could have a typical dinner along with a traditional wedding cake, but also have a “sweets bar” set up with special homemade recipes. You can have grandma’s famous cookies, mom’s one-of-a-kind brownies, your cousin’s amazing cheesecake, etc. This gives some special people in your life a part in your wedding day and keeping the sweets bar in stock for guests to snack on while they wait for dinner, or to pick later in the night.

For the pasta lover out there, a pasta bar or mac and cheese bars can’t go wrong.

Or the breakfast lover that can’t pass up the idea of a pancake bar! Pancakes are easy to make, then have your guests “pimp their pancake” with different toppings!

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For any outdoor weddings, think of outdoor foods like soft pretzels, frozen yogurt, or even popcorn that will ease the foodie inside of us all!

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Those are only a few of the many options for non-traditional wedding foods for the non-traditional bride.

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