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Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet the Dysfunctional Family Venu…



A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

Hey friends! You know that family, right down the block, and how all of the kids started their own venues and businesses? No? None of your neighbors were like that? Well, if you live in NE Minneapolis then you might have an inkling of exactly what I am talking about. Director of Marketing, Susan Martin, will introduce us to one such family.

Minneapolis wedding venues for the quirky and fun bride


Betty Danger’s Country Club. Psycho Suzi’s. Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den. All three locations are truly separate, but we call ourselves the Dysfunctional Family.

 Betty Danger’s Country Club serves to protect the creative class from the tyranny and tragedy of the 1%. …classism doesn’t exist and everyone drinks Margaritas. Welcome to the Country Club for the 99%.  Membership not required.

All three venues make spectacular locations for, say, a Minneapolis bridal shower, or how about a bachelorette/bachelor party in the Twin Cities; wedding rehearsal dinners and, let’s not forget, weddings and the reception that follows. Here are a few notes about each location:

get married in a ferris wheel | Betty Danger Country Club in NE Minneapolis
Betty Danger’s Country Club accommodates up to 200 people (and smaller rooms are available to rent that accommodate 50 or 80 people) and features mini-golf and rides on the Danger wheel for you and your guests.

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