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How Does A Honeymoon Fund Work?…


How To Make The Most Of Your Honeymoon Fund

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, you might feel that the traditional department store gift registry isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

Perhaps you’re living together already and you already have all that you need for starting a new home. Or perhaps you’re combining two established households and the thought of a third set of bath towels simply feels wasteful?


Particularly after the expense of the wedding itself, perhaps the most valued wedding gift your guests could give you would be some help towards making your honeymoon happen.
On the other hand, your guests want to be able to feel that their gift to you is unique and special. Their gift isn’t just a tick box on a list of obligations, it’s a way of celebrating your new life together. It’s more than just a number of a bit of paper.

Why you'll want a honeymoon fund instead a traditional gift list...

To help with this problem, many couples are choosing a honeymoon gift list service such as Buy Our Honeymoon.

How It Works

Their honeymoon fund service works much like a normal gift registry, but rather than things for your home, you can list contributions towards your dream honeymoon. Instead of cereal bowls, have breakfast in paradise. Instead of drinks coasters, ride a roller coaster.
The more you can do to make your honeymoon fund personal and creative, the more your guests will fall in love with the idea too. Your guests want to feel their gift is meaningful, more than just the amount of money they’ve given.
You don’t have to have planned out a full itinerary in advance, and with Buy Our Honeymoon’s independent service, you won’t even need to have already booked your travel or accommodation. But you’ll need to journey to your destination and home again; you’ll need to stay somewhere and you’ll need to eat and have fun while you’re there. Break up your plans into guest-sized gifts.
You can be creative with even your basic expenses. Your guests might prefer to sponsor 100 miles of your flight over the ocean; your hotel stay has a first night and a last night; who are you going to thank for your dinner?


Contributions, big and small!

Sometimes smaller gifts can be just as fun as bigger ticket items — a tuk tuk ride in Thailand or pretzels in New York City. Include a wide range of prices on your honeymoon fund, so there’s something for everyone’s budget. And don’t forget that some of your guests might want to really spoil you!

To make the most of your honeymoon fund, make it a reflection of your personalities. Your guests don’t want to read a guide book to your destination, they want to know what it means to you. What’s your style? Is your dream honeymoon an adventure? Or an escape to tranquility?

Why you'll want a honeymoon fund instead a traditional gift list...

Why A Honeymoon Fund?

With just a little bit of care, your honeymoon fund can be even more romantic and engaging than a traditional gift registry. It’s hard to get too excited by a gravy boat, but easy to love giving the gift of a tour by speedboat. Material things can break, and true heirlooms are few and far between. But the memories you’ll take home from your honeymoon will last you forever.
Buy Our Honeymoon has been the UK’s top dedicated honeymoon fund for more than 10 years. Their service can be used with any travel provider, for any destination. It’s easy to set up and uniquely flexible. To find out more, check out buy-our-honeymoon.com or CALL 0345 224 0189.

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