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Ideas for Bridal Party Gifts They will Love…


Your bridal party should be made up of your friends and family member that mean the most to you in the world. After all the wedding planning is done, your bridesmaids and groomsmen deserve a little something to say thank you for sticking around, spending a few bucks, and for simply standing next to you on your big day.  Gifts are a great way to recognize them and say thank you for all of that. Whether it’s something useful or meaningful, gifts are wonderful tokens of appreciation.

For your bridesmaids, personalization is key. Anything from monogrammed tumblers, goodie bags, and the very popular robes.

Robes are one of the top gifts right now because they are perfect to get ready in. If you’d rather do something other than robes, monogrammed oversized button down shirts work well, too! Both options make getting ready a breeze without any room for error. Plus, you can obviously reuse them making them worth the money! But let’s not forget the pictures you will get with all your girls getting ready in matching robes!

Photo Credit & Purchase online: Sandy Waters Store on Etsy

Photo Credit & Purchase online: Sandy Waters Store on Etsy

Match the robes with a personalized hanger! Have the girls show up the morning of to all of the robes hanging up on their own personal hanger, and have them replace their robes with their dresses. These will also make some memorable photos as well as making your girls feel extra special!

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If you’re picky about what your girls will be wearing, save them the time and money and buy them the jewelry you want them to wear on your big day! Get them the earrings you want them to wear and ask them to be your bridesmaid, or surprise them with the jewelry the morning of your wedding!

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Tumblers or stemless wine glasses are another one of my favorite gift ideas! Put their monogram or bridal party title on a glass they can keep and reuse! They can sip champagne out of it all morning as you all get pampered for the big moment!

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Give all the guys personalized cufflinks to wear for the wedding. This is always a popular choice because they can be customized and reused for future events.

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You can’t go wrong with flasks, either. Whether they’re personalized or all the same, each guy will love having their flask for the wedding day and just in general. Add the wedding date on there as well, and it will make a nice keepsake.

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Whiskey, also known as a “man’s drink,” has become a trendy groomsmen’s gift. Make sure the men know that any alcohol isn’t opened until after the wedding for very obvious reasons.

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Since men are a little harder to shop for, consider a guy’s outing instead. Sometimes it’s better to spend time with the guys than worrying about finding the perfect gift. Go golfing, fishing, paintballing, or anything you and your closest guys want to do.


No matter what you decided to do, your bridal party will appreciate it and be honored regardless to stand next to you on your big day as you marry the love of your life!

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