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Is a Boudoir Session For You?…



Many brides think of BOUDOIR and automatically think “NO” without giving serious thought to a boudoir session! Boudoir is growing in popularity and may not be what you think it is—-

or what it can do for YOU personally!

“It is undeniably scary to do something new, to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. The thing is; the absolute BEST things in life happen outside of our comfort zones.”

We reached out to All Things Boudoir to have an open and honest discussion about boudoir photography, and why it might be right for you!

All Things Boudoir

The biggest misconceptions that

women have about

boudoir photography

You have to take it all off! Boudoir is about what makes you feel sexy, and at All Things Boudoir we see it all. If you’re sporty, bring in your sports bra and weights. If you’re into cosplay, let’s see your best Harley Quinn. Or if you don’t like lingerie, you can bring in your favorite tee shirt or boy shorts. We are expert at making anything sexy so make the shoot unique to you. 

You have to know how to pose. Statistically speaking this type of photo shoot is done once in a lifetime so we do not expect you to know how to pose. We will walk you through every pose, fix your hair, adjust your accessories. At All Things Boudoir, our photographers photograph more clients in a month than most boudoir photographers do in a year, so we are very good at posing all types of bodies. 

You have to wear a lot of make-up or get your hair done. Don’t get me wrong, we love when clients come in with professional styling, but that’s only if it makes you feel pampered and gorgeous. The camera does tend to diminish make-up so we suggest you just do a little extra, like you would on a big night out on the town.

You have to be a certain size or age to do boudoir. This is far from the truth. We specialize in photographing all types of women and we love it. Each and every one of our clients is different and we find what is the most beautiful and sexy about them and highlight it. Don’t wait until you’re someone else’s version of perfect, you’re perfect the way you are and we will help you show that off. 

All Things Boudoir

“Do it. It was an experience that totally changed how I look at myself. I already want to do another shoot and it hasn’t even been a month. I am so comfortable with my body now. I don’t care what anyone thinks of my looks.” -Jodi

  • What every bride should know about a boudoir session

This is not only going to be a gift your partner will cherish forever; it will be something you will love to look whenever you need a pick me up. The actual experience with the photographer is always fun and empowering and the keepsakes are incredible reminders that you’re beautiful. 

  • How to prepare for a boudoir session

Many women plan for their shoot for several months. It’s important to bring in 3-5 outfits that make you feel beautiful. This can be lingerie or even a simply off the shoulder sweater. Spend some time trying on outfits to make sure you love the way you look. Do your fingernails and toenails, and if you are doing make-up, practice so you know you like it before the shoot. 

All Things Boudoir
  • What do expect during your boudoir session

You can expect a lot of fun! It’s normal to feel nervous leading up to the shoot but once you arrive those nerves quickly go away and you get to feel pampered and empowered while the photographer guides you through the entire process. 

“Again, this wasn’t done for a husband, or a lover, this was done for me.  There’s nothing wrong with a woman celebrating herself.  In fact, I believe more women should do it.  It’s a great gift, and I promise you, you’ll never look at yourself quite the same way again!” -Theresa

What advice would you give a woman who is on the fence about a session?

Take that leap and just do it! Don’t wait for the “right time” or the “right body type” or the “right outfits” Work with what you’ve got and ATB will do the rest! -Marissa

Go for it! Let loose! Relax, feel confident and SEXY! — Claudian

You owe yourself this opportunity to feel and look amazing inside and out. Regardless of what you think your flaws are. The photographs are amazing and get your best features.” – Katie

DO IT!  There’s something liberating and intoxicating about it.  There’s a feeling like no other.  If you have self-doubts, self-worries, don’t.  The photographers are there to guide you and help you and will showcase you in the best light, and honestly, highlight the features.” – Theresa

I did it because I wanted to reconnect with my inner self, bring out the new me, feel sexy again. I went through a horrible time in my past – and I wanted to bring back my HAPPINESS. I wanted to see my self in a new perspective as well.” -Claudian


-Loose dress or loose pants with a loose top and no bra

-Soft, comfy shoes that won’t leave marks on your feet or ankles (think UGGs, slippers or flip flops)

If you’re feeling nervous, don’t worry. Anxiety is totally normal. Take a deep breath (or ten) and remind yourself that this is going to be an amazing experience. Give yourself permission to enjoy this experience, rather than live in the fear of it. 

It is undeniably scary to do something new, to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. The thing is; the absolute BEST things in life happen outside of our comfort zones. 

“I joined ATB’s VIP group in December of 2018 for a self-love photo shoot contest. At that time I was lacking self-confidence and honestly didn’t feel that I could see my own beauty from inside my mind.”” – Marissa

All Things Boudoir

Wardrobe options:

The single most important thing for you to keep in mind is to stay true to yourself when you’re picking your wardrobe options. We want this shoot to be a celebration of who you are, whatever that looks like for you and you alone! 

Are you super fancy or more on the casual side? Frilly and feminine or edgier? there is no right or wrong here and we want you to see yourself in your beautiful images.

All Things Boudoir

If you’d like to experience a boudoir session, All Things Boudoir is conducting a Model Call!

Be strong, be confident and celebrate YOU!


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