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Spring Wedding Invitation ideas…



Spring is known as one of the most popular wedding seasons and if your wedding is this spring then you already have everything planned out, however, if you are having a spring wedding in 2017 it is good to plan ahead. With so many different designs circulating, you may find it hard to put a finger on which Australian wedding invitations will suit your day best. Lately brides from all around the world are opting for season appropriate wedding sets. Spring is the ultimate reprieve from the icy months so it’s great to see loads of colour appearing.


Firstly, you might think floral is a bit too matchy-matchy or run of the mill for a spring wedding but I can’t think of a better way to tie the knot and welcome new beginnings with the new bloom of flowers. And guys don’t be discouraged there are floral lovelies that will suit each and every wedding day.

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The beachy look is a great for a spring time invitation with blue watercolour standing as a strong feature in this category. Blue watercolour splashed across your wedding set can help mimic the soft waves of the shallow sea, transporting each guest to a daydream on the beach. Anything vacation-like can add a wow factor for your guests. The beachy style also complements a destination wedding whether it be Fiji, Hawaii or the Whitsunday islands, beachy is the go-to trend.

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Trending Colours

What better way to reel in the new season than with some of the best colours of the season and months to come. As Rose Quartz and Serenity see their last days through, brides are making the most of these playful colours. Rose Quartz and Serenity triggered a muted 2016 colour of the year with both colours sharing the winning place. To perfectly combine the frontrunners Paperlust have noticed a combination of these two colours in their floral and watercolour designs.

The colour combination was viewed as groundbreaking resulting in the blurring of gender boundary lines, ideal for a gender neutral invitation set. Nonetheless, if these two colours are not your piece of cake, Pantone have introduced a report of the colours of Spring/ Summer 2017. Amongst these colours, we are seeing a bright influence fusing the subtle with outdoors. Our favourite colours include Island Paradise, Lapis Blue and Hazelnut as a lovely tie in enhancing the transition of the seasons.

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And to round up our favourite selections for the Spring season we bring you the tropical theme. Tropical invites contrast to the understated tones of the beachy category and encourage a more vibrant take on your wedding stationery. The tropical style includes fruity designs and an array of colourful lining. We personally love the yellow lining snapped below injecting an energetic pop of colour that will make any guest smile. If you’re a little bit of a DIY guru then you can create icy pole inspired invites ensuring the edges of the invite are rounded and attaching popsicle sticks to the back.

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Of course, you don’t have to choose a wedding invitation set inspired by the spring, but with options this fun, why wouldn’t you want to? These ideas are some of the best ways to welcome your guests into the warmer months and these pretty palettes are fitting for a spring wedding.


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