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Top Tips and Inspiration for Proposing at Home…


We may all be cooped up indoors, but love is still very much in the air. From creative home proposals from real-life couples in isolation to some fun new ideas for proposing at home, we’ve got your quarantine proposal covered.


Top Tips for a Magical At-Home Proposal

Your best-laid plans for that extravagant flash-mob proposal may be out the window thanks to social-distancing and this ‘new normal’ we’re currently experiencing, but that doesn’t mean your at-home proposal can’t really stand out from the crowd.

If self-isolation hasn’t driven you to call it quits with your partner over their annoying working from home habits, it might just have shown you that your love is the real deal. With procrastinations levels reaching new peaks, what better time to plan a proposal?

Below, Jack Jahan from Ramsdens Jewellery shares his top tips for creating a magical and romantic proposal at home, so you can get creative and plan a lovely way to pop the question to your other half in the comfort of your own home…

Choose the perfect ring online

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The ring can make or break a proposal, so it’s important that you choose one that’s to your partner’s tastes and shows there has been lots of thought put into it. But, before you part with any money, it’s important that you consider your budget. Being realistic about what you can afford in times of uncertainty is crucial, so don’t worry if you feel like you can’t stretch your budget as much as you may have been able to before.

You can then begin thinking about the ideal ring. This includes thinking about things such as the metal colour and the ring design they love. Perhaps your loved one has a more traditional style and would like a baguette cut diamond, or maybe she adores timeless jewellery. Taking a look at her current jewellery collection can help you to pick the perfect ring.

If you’re limited to staying at home, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of online retailers that you can buy from, meaning your partner’s ring will be delivered right to your door — just be sure to intercept the post before she does! To find a reputable retailer, be sure to read online reviews and check what warranties the jewellers offer, as well as if they can provide certification. And, remember: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

For more information and advice on choosing the perfect ring, read Ramsdens Jewellery’s guide picking an engagement ring.

Set the scene for a romantic proposal


Once you’ve sorted the ring, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of planning where in the house you’ll propose to your partner. If you want to treat your loved one to a delicious dinner before popping the question, consider pulling out all of the stops in the kitchen. This could include laying out your best china and getting gorgeous bouquets of their favourite flowers to dot around the countertops and on the dining table.

For an extra romantic touch, why not set up a trail of photographs of you two? Start it from the front door and end it in the lounge where you’ll be waiting on one knee. You can decorate your living room with rose petals, banners and balloons to help make the moment extra special.

If the weather is good, you could even hold your proposal in the garden. Just make sure that it’s looking its best to help create a real impactful scene.

Add in some magical finishing touches


While you might be focussed on saying the right things, it’s important that you consider the smaller touches as these can help to elevate your proposal further. For example, laying out your fiancé-to-be’s favourite chocolate or sweets around the room, or cooking their favourite meal will ensure your engagement is one to remember.

You could even consider setting a theme for your proposal, according to your partner’s hobbies or interests or a place you both hold dear. Getting decorations that match up with this will make the occasion even more personal.

Go virtual to keep friends and family involved in your at-home proposal


Having your closest friends and family involved with the proposal will make it even more special. So, why not take advantage of technology and invite them to join you? There are many smart apps that can help you to communicate with others in another location, so grab your tablet and set it up in great view of where the proposal will take place.

Your partner is sure to appreciate you sharing your special moment with their nearest and dearest, and having them on hand to toast a glass of champagne will help make to make it even more memorable.

Real-Life Quarantine Proposals We’re Obsessed With

The guys and gals at Lace and Favour have discovered a few couples defying the self-isolation perimeters and bravely asking their beloved that all-important question, proving love really does, trump all. Here are some of our favourite self-isolation and at-home proposals.

The TikTok Proposal

Blogger, Lottie Lamour went above and beyond to propose to her girlfriend Emma – amidst the Coronavirus lockdown.

She transformed their shared flat into a treasure hunt, leaving her fiancé-to-be with ‘Reasons Why I Love You’ notes and the finale resulted in a proposal. The big ‘twist’ to the proposal – Lottie filmed the entire event and showcased it to the world via her TikTok channel.

The Social-Distancing Proposal

Blogger and influencer, Em Clarkson surprised her 64k followers at the weekend with the news of her engagement. Her long-term love popped the question in the countryside – social distancing at its best.

That’s one way to make the most of your one allotted outdoor exercise a day, right?

The Iceland Proposal

With travel bans in full force around the globe, sadly any plans for far-flung proposals are on hold. Or are they? One plucky couple gave shoppers a reason to smile at the Tonbridge Iceland supermarket.

He had planned to propose in Iceland but as their holiday was cancelled, he chose the next best thing.

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