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Wifey Honeymoon Gear That You’ll Want to Pack!…


When the wedding craziness is over, it’s finally time to wind down and prepare for your travels near or far. Whether you’re traveling a few hours away or across the world, don’t forget to stock up on the “wifey” and “hubby” gear! From T-shirts to beach bags, there are so many options out there to keep the wedding festivities going!


You decorate your get-a-way car with a “Just Married” banner, why not do the same for you and your new hubby? Gear up with some soft and fun shirts, and don’t forget the leather passport covers!

Passport Holder by Kate Spade, $50

Wifey Sweatshirt by Shirt Market, $23

Hubby Wifey Shirts by Gift Shop Boutique, $35


When you’re hanging poolside, on the beach, or maybe in a hot tub in the mountains with a cold one in your hand, bring along some coozies!

Cooler Set by Romantic Southern, $10

Or maybe stock up on some “Just Married” flip flops or these cute loafers!

Shoes by M’oda ‘Operandi, $170


Every bride needs at least one bag that says “Mrs,” or “Honeymoon!” This will work as a cute carry-on bag, beach bag, or general travel bag for all of your travel goodies.

Mrs. Bag by GoldandGlamour, $20

Honeymoonin’ Tote Bag by It’s Your Day Clothing, $22.50

And don’t forget about your lingerie bag for all of your laced goodies. How cute (and subtle) is this one?!

Lingerie Bag by AniaSews, $20


As you prepare and pack for your honeymoon, pick up some fun luggage tags, or make your own! It’s better for them to be eye-catching for easy access at the baggage claim.

Personalized Luggage Tags by Maria Allen, $50

Lastly, you must pack body oils to wind down even more and relax with some massages.

Massage Oil by Wild Fern Medicinals, $20

Surprise your groom with a set of “Mrs” undies!

Bridal Intimates from Lily Rose Wedding, $23

How many of these items are you going to scoop up for your honeymoon?

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