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Working a Wedding: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy…



In this episode of Breathe Your Passion, wedding photographer and educator Vanessa Joy shares her approach to photographing weddings and explains how she makes it work to suit her needs. Vanessa also recaps her Same Day Edit Checklist.

Vanessa’s Same Day Edit Checklist

1. Digital Picture Frame
2. Laptop
3. Card Reader
4. Hard Drive
5. Printer
6. Self-mount Album
7. Logo Sticker
8. Business cards with client gallery info
9. 4G Wireless Stick or Hotspot

1. Shoot combo RAW and large jpg files.
2. Download all files to an external hard drive.
3. Cull favorite jpeg photos.
4. Edit for exposure and color in Lightroom.
5. Use soft, subtle timeless actions in Photoshop to give your images that extra pop and professionalism.
6. Flatten and save as new jpegs.
7. Collage and logo photos.
8. Open stomped photos in Photoshop and save as PNG so they look good on Facebook.
9. Display collaged photos on digital picture frame.
10. Put out business cards with client gallery info in front of frame.
11. Print photos for album.
12. Create Animoto Slideshow with non-collaged photos.
13. Upload collaged and logo’ed photos to blog.
14. Add vendor info and hyperlink.
15. Upload collaged and logo’ed photos to Facebook.
16. Tag Bride and Groom, Reception Hall, Vendors, etc.
17. Upload non-collaged photos.
18. Add vendor info, share with vendors, submit to publications.
19. Upload non-collaged photos to a client gallery.
20. Assemble self-mount album.

The Following Week:
1. Blog
– Finish writing, share with clients – ask them to post on
social media.
– Email blog ling to publishers not on Two Bright Lights.
2. Animoto Slideshow
– Share with clients – ask them to post on Facebook
3. Update online profiles
– Wedding Wire, Your website, Facebook, etc.
4. Create Facebook Timeline Banner
5. Once blog posts use everypost.co and grum.co (for Instagram) to schedule to social media, linking back to blog.

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Photos by Vanessa Joy

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