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4 Things You Can Do If You Lose Your Wedding Ring…


When that shiny diamond ring is glistening on your finger, it’s a great feeling. When it’s not — it can send you into a FULL panic mode. Losing your wedding ring is something that can happen when you least expect it — resulting in total heartbreak once you realize it may be gone forever. Before stressing out too much, here are four immediate steps you can take in the stressful event that you lose your wedding ring.

1. Go on a hunt to find it.

First things first — pull yourself together and remember the last time you had the ring on (or at least the last place you remember seeing it). From there, retrace your steps — and even enlist some of your loyal friends to come with you for an extra set of eyes.

2. File an insurance claim.

If you have insurance on your ring (fingers crossed!), immediately file an insurance claim. Let your insurance company know ASAP that the ring was lost. It’s best to do this within 24 hours of misplacing the ring. If you do end up finding it, you can cancel the claim and give the update to your insurance company. Better safe than sorry!

3. Use a temporary ring.

If the ring is lost before your actual wedding, instead of stressing out over having to spend a ton of money on a new ring, borrow a ring or purchase a fake diamond ring just for the big day. Your guests will be too busy enjoying their time to notice that your ring is not an actual diamond.

4. Chat with the store.

While there is very little that the jewelry store or diamond dealer can do to replace the current ring, it is worth going back to the place that the ring was purchased and seeing if they can recreate a similar ring for you — or even give you a discount on a brand new ring.

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