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5 Tips Before You Begin Wedding Gown Shopping…


Our team has seen a lot of engagement seasons. One of the few things that surprise us is the number of brides-to-be, even some who are waiting on a ring, who rush out to go gown shopping with no preparation.

Waiting until you have set a wedding date and picked a location might be our biggest wedding planning tip.

We have heard from hundreds of brides who picked the wrong wedding dress for the weather or the location as panning comes together; especially if you are naturally indecisive.

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So, we decided to turn to the expert, Tali Gallo, owner and stylist of The Bridal Finery from our Orlando Perfect Wedding Guide market. Tali also helped us as a correspondent with this year’s series from New York Bridal Fashion Week.

We asked Tali what brides should know when they first start gown shopping, here’s what she shared with our team:

1 – More often than not, you will find your gown within the first few you try on. Be mentally ready to find it, so you are not overwhelmed when you do.

2 – Do your research. Every bridal boutique has a different experience. Call the boutique beforehand or read their website. This will save you from a bad experience.

3 – Do not book several bridal appointments at once. Going to more than one shop will make the process very confusing. It is difficult to find your dress when you are not focusing on the present moment. If you don’t find your dress at the first boutique, book another appointment.

4 – Wear a nude panty.

5 – Prep for the bridal appointment. Wear makeup if you usually wear makeup. If you want to wear your hair down on your wedding day, get a blow dry right before the appointment.

Thanks, Tali, so there you have it, do a little pre-planning but be sure to relax and enjoy the process.

When you find the right wedding gown, you will absolutely know it!

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