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Recycled Kraft Packaging is here!…


Paperlust is pleased to announce that we recently switched from bubble wrap to recycled kraft packaging paper. Not only is it far better for the environment, but it looks great too

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Why change our packaging?

Paperlust is pro-environmental so we made the switch as part of our commitment to waste reduction. The packaging product we chose is called Geami Wrappak Ex, developed by a European company called Ranpak that is committed to creating environmentally friendly packing solutions.


How does it work?

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In order to make a change like this feasible for the
business, it had to be equally as good, if not better, than our previous
packaging (bubble wrap). This new environmentally friendly packaging known as
Geami Wrappak Ex is made of recycled kraft paper that has been die cut. The
kraft paper comes flat in large rolls and, once pulled, expands into a 3D
honeycomb that acts as a layer of protection for the item.


What are the benefits of Geami Wrappak Ex?

There is really no downside to making the switch to die cut
kraft paper. Here are some reasons we’re glad we did:

  • First
    and foremost, we are reducing unnecessary plastic waste going to landfill. Our new
    packaging is both recycled and recyclable, making it overall more
    environmentally friendly.
  • The
    dispenser is complimentary when you buy the packaging so there’s no extra set
    up costs.
  • The
    roll and dispenser don’t take up much room so even a small office can
    accommodate it.
  • You
    save money on sticky tape because when the kraft paper is stretched into a 3D
    honeycomb, it can interlock with itself to seal the package.
  • It
    is more aesthetically pleasing than taped bubble wrap.

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All in all, choosing the new recycled packaging paper has
been a great choice for both us and the planet. We’re super excited and can’t
wait for you to receive your next beautifully packed order in the mail!

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