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Wedding Ceremony & Reception Ideas: 10 Different Types Of Ven…


Recently engaged and looking for wedding ceremony and reception ideas? The first thing to think about is what type of venue you and your partner would like your wedding to be in, for which there are so many possibilities. Your ideal type of wedding venue will be one that matches your personality and theme that you are going for. To help you out, we’ve compiled together the different types of wedding venues – and also what to watch out for with each!

Formal gardens
In summer when the garden is in full bloom, there’s not much that you need to do in the way of decorating. Set up some rustic furniture and games to entertain guests. Use the colors from the garden in your color scheme.

Watch out for: In case the weather is unreasonable, ensure your guests have adequate shelter. And don’t forget the sunscreen and insect repellent!

Garden Wedding
Image: Beck Rocchi Photography

Garden Wedding
Image: Jess Jackson


Vineyards make very romantic and rustic wedding venues. You can keep guests entertained between the ceremony and reception with wine tasting.

Watch out for: Similar to other outdoor wedding locations, such as the beach, you will need to organize an alternative indoor location in case it rains.Winery Wedding
Images: Still Love 

Hotel weddings are very popular as they usually have elegance combined with practicality and convenience. They tend to have everything that you could possibly need while there is also plenty of room for your guests to stay. Their staff are used to entertaining and hosting large groups of people, so you can expect a full infrastructure and team to rely on.

Watch out for: Your ability to rearrange the tables to suit your preferences may be limited and you may have to use the hotel’s vendors, such as the florist or caterer.

Sydney Hotel Wedding
Image: Sunday Photography 

Sydney Hotel Wedding
Image: The Wong Couple

For a relaxed and informal wedding ceremony, the beach is the perfect setting. Look for a venue that has direct access to the beach and make sure that you have the beach to yourself. The ocean will provide a great backdrop for your weddings.

Watch out for: The weather can be unpredictable, so you will need an alternate indoor location in case it rains or is really windy.

Beach Wedding
Beach Wedding
Images: Jess Jackson

Golf clubs
Golf clubs are becoming more and more popular as a wedding venue as they offer a mixture of beautiful grounds and exclusive facilities.

Watch out for: Golf clubs rarely offer accommodation, so you’ll need to organize transport and local hotels for you and your guests.

Golf Club Wedding
Image: Wet Fresco Photography

Parents’ or friend’s backyard
A wedding in your parents or friend’s backyard is perfect for the couple looking for a small intimate wedding and preferring to spend the money instead on the honeymoon or a place to live. Plus, you have full control over things like your wedding date and more. If there is a large enough garden, hire a marquee to provide cover from the sun and rain.

Watch out for: Depending on the size of the wedding, you may need to hire extra facilities such as portable toilets, tables and chairs. It’s also important to assess the parking situation – we recommend letting your neighbors know ahead of time.

Backyard Wedding
Image: Still Love

Destination wedding
Many couples are choosing to hold their wedding in romantic locations such as Fiji, Thailand, France and the Greek Islands. With fantastic weather, cheaper prices, and the excitement of getting married in a glamorous location, it’s easy to see why.

Watch out for: Destination weddings can end up with important friends and family missing out as people often cannot take time off work, be away from their kids, or afford plane tickets and accommodation.

Destination Greek Wedding
Image: Mitch Pohl Photography

Destination Greek Wedding
Image: Divine Weddings

Fine Dining Restaurants
At most banquet halls and ballroom venues, you are forced to go with their food. And don’t be surprised to find a magnificent venue where the food quality is average. If great food is the top priority for your wedding or you are after a particular type of cuisine, then a fine dining establishment is your way to go. These restaurants are in the business of making great food and providing exceptional service.

Watch out for: Many restaurants have restricted space, so if you are planning on dancing the night away, ensure that they have adequate space for a dance floor.

Sydney Restaurant Wedding
Image: McKay Photography

Specialized Functions Venues
Venues that rely on weddings for their bread and butter tend to be highly experienced. Their staff often take care of most of the requirements, making the process for you pretty smooth and stress-free.

Watch out for: You can risk that “wedding factory” feeling, where you feel like you’re just one of the long line of brides waiting to use the space. To make your day feel more unique, transform the decor elements to suit your style.

Sydney Wedding Venue
Image: Alan Khan Wedding Photography & Video


Marquee Weddings
Set up in beautiful natural surroundings, imagine a large tent that has been transformed into a picturesque wedding location. A marquee also allows you to bring that lovely view inside! Starting with a blank canvas, there are also no restrictions on theming and decor.

Watch out for: With marquee weddings, a lot of your own work is needed for things such as decor, catering and facilities such as toilets.

Marquee Wedding

Marquee Wedding
Images: Janneke Storm and Beck Rocchi Photography

Good luck, and remember to try to visit a good range of wedding venue types before you book that ceremony and reception venue!

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